PAMP Suisse Gold Bullion Bar, 1 Ounce, 24 karat


PAMP Suisse Gold Bullion Bar, 1 Ounce, Sealed, Registered


 .9999 or 24-Karat Gold

Fine Gold Content:
31.1033 grams or
1.0 Troy Ounce

PAMP-Suisse, Switzerland

Registered & Assayed

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The Comex-approved refiner that at one time produced Credit-Suisse One Ounce Gold Bullion Bars for the Credit-Suisse Bank, the Pamp-Suisse refinery/mint in Basel, Switzerland is one of the oldest and most respected names in gold bullion products. There are probably more of these Pamp-Suisse bars around the world than any other bullion brand. When some investors voice a preference for gold coins over gold bars, I have to point out that the premiums over spot for coins is most often twice that for equal or higher purity one ounce gold bullion bars. Sovereign mints seldom have the lowest operating costs, and, hence, prices! Highest quality gold is just that, regardless of form.  Why pay more for that ounce of gold???

Pamp-Suisse Gold Bar, One Ounce, Reverse