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Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds from WCM at 30% Below Negotiated Retail


I have enlisted the services, after very extensive due diligence, of internationally- recognized gemologists/brokers in the U.S. as well as overseas diamond dealers.  The GIA-certified colored diamonds show below are just a small sampling of the types and quality of these very rare gems that WCM can obtain for clients in relatively quick order and with excellent pricing.  WCM periodically puts new colored diamonds up for sale on its websites as specimens worthy of consideration become available.  All WCM colored diamonds must meet certain color saturation, grading, and pricing criteria.

The very extensive sampling of what is available in the world of fancy colored diamonds shown on WCM websites will give you a great place to start your search.  Pricing is under steady pressure higher in today's market, in particular for the more rare colors, but you will obtain a price from WCM well below any retail price you could obtain, often over 30% below retail. 

Most importantly, if you have a specific set of criteria for a fancy colored diamond, please do not hesitate to email me at or call toll-free at 877-855-9760.  Or just fill our the Request Form below.

I will be happy to discuss the most critical selection parameters for colored diamonds, especially with respect to the significant differences in the requirements of cut and clarity as they are always applied to the much more common brilliant white diamond.  Many of the GIA certificates obtained by cutters and brokers for colored diamonds are what are referred to as the Color Only Report which does not detail all of the proportionality (cut parameters) and clarity information contained in the Full GIA Report.  The establishment of the natural origin and identification of the specific color of one of these diamonds is of far greater importance to the potential buyer than being diverted by the parameters of cut and clarity, which are tertiary at best in the selection of an investment quality fancy colored diamond.

In fancy colored diamonds as in real estate, it is COLOR, COLOR, COLOR, and the intensity, saturation, and distribution of the cut gem's color is what really matters to a potential buyer of such a rarity.

D.W. Young, President, Wexford Capital Management

P.S.  Due to popular demand, we also sell the highest-quality, superbly-cut White/Colorless Brilliant Diamonds certified by our 30-year gemologist, GIA, or EGL.  You will never be disappointed with any diamond purchased from WCM, we guarantee it.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $23,800
0.28 carat

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
(Argyle origin per S. Hofer report)
SI1 - SI2, totally eye-clean


GIA certified Fancy INTENSE PURE PINK Radiant cut SI1 - SI2 Colored Diamond


( Watch on Vimeo )


Probably one of the finest PURE PINK diamonds we have ever offered for sale.  Why?  It is a true Raspberry Pink that has been measured by Stephen C. Hofer, the world's leading expert on fancy colored diamonds, using highly sophisticated scientific instruments to determine actual face-up color; this highly reliable and repeatable process has MEASURED this colored diamond as being in the high-end spectrum of INTENSE PINK saturation.  This makes this rare Pink diamond even more appealing to the prospective buyer because this quality is not really factored into the asking price; however, the dark pure pink hues of the diamond add to its investment/collectible appeal.

Furthermore, since experienced colored diamond investors and collectors know all too well from years of working with Mr. Hofer on determining whether or not the GIA report does a totally accurate job of subjectively identifying the actual color of a diamond, this Pure Pink diamond is being sold with the original S. Hofer Coloured Diamond Report from 2009.  The first and last content pages of this valuable report that costs from $400 to $600, even to dealers like WCM, are shown HERE.

Within the body of the Hofer report will be a discussion of origin or provenance of this Pink diamond, and based upon the inclusion/ physical characteristics of this specimen, it is 80% probable that this diamond came from the famous Argyle Mine in Western Australia.  While the Mine Certificate is probably still available at Argyle, Mr. Hofer's report goes a long way to establish this highly saturated Pure Pink diamond as of Argyle origin.  Some of the finest Pink diamonds in the world have come from this mine that is rapidly running out of Pink rough, and is now finally scheduled to close in 2020, heck or high water!

The cut size of this colored diamond is very typical of the majority of Pinks that have come out of the Argyle Mine, so at 28 points one should wonder at the quality & value of the crystal even further.  AND DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS A PURE, PURE PINK DIAMOND?!  Per Mr. Hofer's measurements, there is nary a hint of brownish hues, orangey modifying hues, or even the more typical purplish modifying hues.  Once again the price does not reflect the certainty that this work of art is only of the Pink spectrum of color, Intense/Vivid at that, without any secondary modifying color or colors.  Very, very rare indeed.

A far better asset than stocks, bonds, real estate, or crypto-currencies to be holding in 2018 and beyond.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $48,500
0.23 carat

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
SI1, totally eye-clean



An extremely rare Pure Green diamond at the VIVID level of color saturation that has been created deep within the earth where natural radiation bombarded the diamond's carbonic soup for millions of years.  The Green diamond is the only colored diamond whose color is not created by the introduction of an exogenous element outside of carbon such as boron or nitrogen.  Many cutters of Green diamonds actually leave some of the brownish "skin" that is a part of this natural process of radiation to authenticate the natural origin of the stone.  On the GIA report, there is reference to these "brown patches" impacting to some extent the cut diamond's final clarity grade, but at the same time their presence actually adds to the value of the diamond via "naturally occurring" provenance.

Not to worry, the diamond no longer radiates any measurable radiation; the decay rate of radiation in a carbon structure is really quite rapid in terms of geological time.  You will not glow in the dark after you buy this very rare Pure Green diamond.

Also never worry about buying a 20 to 30 point fancy colored diamond because this is a size range that allows more investors & collectors to acquire the rarest of the rare colors in diamond.  As you progress up the carat weight scale in Vivid Green diamonds, the price of the diamond rises exponentially to reflect the extreme rarity of natural formation conditions that eventually produce a Pure Green color.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $5,800
1.05 carats

Radiant/Cushion Mixed Cut
Fancy PINK Brown
SI1, eye-clean Clarity.


Fancy PINK Brown 1.05 carats Radiant-Cushion cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy PINK Brown 1.05 carats Radiant-Cushion cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


It is somewhat difficult to see the degree to which Pink hues are scattered about this Pink Brown diamond in this two dimensional view, but having seen the diamond rotated in natural sunlight, one can appreciate just how much Pink is present in the diamond.  There is probably 30% of total coloration in this diamond that is Pink to Light Pink. This is a true Collector's colored diamond.

The quantity and quality of Pink diamonds coming from the Argyle Mine in Western Australian both seem to be diminishing as we go forward.  Not unexpected since diamond mines are a limited resource that once extinguished cannot be resuscitated. For this reason, and partially due to the cost for a well-saturated, problem-free pink diamond, I would say get pink in a diamond virtually any way you can.  While there is no question that this is predominantly a Brown diamond, it is undeniable that the diamond contains lots and lots of Pink hues also when rotated in one's hand.  Seeing is believing, and we are ready to ship you this diamond once you make the decision to get off the fence.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $7,100
1.76 carats

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Fancy Pure WHITE ( Milk White )
I1, by definition


Fancy Pure WHITE 1.76 carats Cushion cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Pure WHITE 1.76 carats Cushion cut I1 GIA Colored Diamond, Side View


Yes, Virginia, this is a Fancy Colored Diamond.  Much more scintillation and liveliness when seen in person, but this "Milk" White specimen is the epitome of what a semi-translucent White diamond is all about.  Actually, the less transparent it is, toward the opaque side ....... the more rare it is as it starts to exhibit some of the light reflection characteristics of precious Opal.

When people usually refer to a "white diamond" either on the street or in the trade, they are incorrectly referring to what is properly labeled a Colorless diamond that the Ideal Cut was developed for on Fifth Avenue.  A totally translucent diamond, the Engagement Ring favorite Colorless diamond with color grades spanning the range from D to Z, allows a top-down viewer to actually see the culet cut at the tip of the pinnacle of the lower section of the diamond.

GIA has over the last several years tightened its grading standards on White diamonds such that many that are too translucent (without enough milky coloration) are rejected without any subsequent grade.  Clarity is not even provided in a fine example of Fancy White diamond since Mother Nature effectively created a giant internal cloud in the formation process of this very rare gem.  Totally collectible fancy colored diamond, and you will look far and wide to find one so MILK WHITE.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $45,300
2.07 carats

OVAL Brilliant Cut
Fancy VIVID Yellow ( CANARY )
VVS1, almost flawless


VIVID Yellow 2.07 carat Oval cut VVS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


One of the most popular colors in diamond, Yellow, and in this case a VIVID YELLOW labeled in the trade a CANARY Yellow.  In addition to the Saffron or Daffodil level of yellow saturation in this well-made diamond is a Clarity level one notch below Internally Flawless, VVS1.  And did I mention that this Canary diamond is over 2 carats in size??

Yellow diamonds at this level of saturation are known to fluoresce under UV light ( short-wave ) a Strong Blue emission of intermittent hues, and this fine specimen is no exception to this rule.  Worthy of inclusion in a top-drawer colored diamond collection or portfolio.

Get out of fiat currencies such as the Dollar and even the Swiss Franc, and get into tangible assets such as fancy colored diamonds before a buying panic emerges in the months ahead.  Dark clouds upon the horizon.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $50,500
1.02 carats

Square Emerald ( ASSCHER ) Cut
Fancy Deep Yellow ORANGE
VS1, totally eye-clean


DEEP Yellow ORANGE 1.02 carat ASSCHER cut VS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

DEEP Yellow ORANGE 1.02 carat ASSCHER cut VS1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


A wonderful ORANGE diamond exhibiting a Golden color that only hints of Yellow in the table or top-down view, and presents a predominantly Orange coloration for the diamond grader and skilled observer.  Very close to being a pure Orange diamond since most diamonds that have been graded as pure Orange have some component of Yellowish hues within them when measured using instrumentation.  Technically, orange diamond can fluoresce yellowish hues, even if only so slightly and under only a small subset of UV wavelengths.

But technical considerations aside, this One Carat plus diamond has been cut in one of the most demanding facet patterns for fancy colored diamonds, the Square Emerald cut or ASSCHER cut.  The diamond rough must be very saturated and possess very evenly distributed color to allow this cut to maintain a high level of color saturation in the finished diamond.  The large mirror-like facets in the Emerald cut lend themselves to reflecting a lot of white light from within the diamond, threatening to wash out the inherent color of the diamond.  Not the case with this heavily saturated Orange diamond.

On another day, this diamond could have been graded a Yellowish Orange at the Deep level of tone or depth.  Well worth the asking price on any day.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $17,600
5.07 carat

Cushion Brilliant Cut
Fancy Dark Yellowish BROWN
SI1, eye-clean


Dark Yellowish Brown 5.07 carat Cushion cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


This diamond provides its new proud owner with membership in the exclusive 5-Carat Plus Diamond Club, if such an entity existed. Autumnal or Earthy colored diamonds are very popular with American buyers, as they often lend themselves to the creation of totally unique and exquisite jewelry pieces that are destined to become heirlooms.  This predominantly Chocolate or Brown diamond is not without liveliness when rotated in one's hand in natural, 6500 K light, so do not think that this is a dull or lifeless diamond based on the two-dimensional image above.  This very large diamond sub-class is exceedingly small in total diamonds, so recognize that there is more than one way to achieve rarity in a fancy colored diamond.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $7,850
2.48 carats

Cushion Brilliant Cut
SI2, eye-clean


Fancy Deep Brown Orange 2.48 carat Cushion Brilliant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Deep Brown Orange 2.48 ct. Cushion cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


Still one of my favorite color classes for fancy colored diamonds, COGNAC or predominantly Orange diamonds with a Brownish or Brown secondary/ modifying color.  This richness of color also suggests Autumnal hues which dot the Fall landscape in September and October, even into early November in the United States.  Investors and collectors who have recognized the real rarity of large, 2 carat plus, Cognac diamonds have done well in the past and are equally as likely to do well in the future as market prices continue to adjust.

As economic and financial system stresses increase in the months ahead, more prudent investors will be exiting financial assets and re-investing in one of the best stores of value during both good times and bad:  fancy colored diamonds.  Not to mention the fact that holders of Dollars around the world are going to be exiting their positions as it becomes more and more clear that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government cannot reverse the process of Debt Repudiation & Collapse that is well underway around the globe.  A high value asset of diminutive size that has found itself in the lining of an overcoat for a trans-border crossing.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $39,250
0.49 carat

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy DEEP (Brownish) ORANGE
I1, but nothing distracting


Fancy Deep Brownish Orange 0.49 carat ROUND Brilliant cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Deep Brownish Orange 0.49 ct. ROUND cut I1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond


Although GIA graded this wonderful COGNAC diamond as a Deep Orange, it is quite apparent to the trained eye that this diamond has some brownish hues to it, and the depth of color is not just the combination of black to pure orange to arrive at this tonal quality.  So I am changing the description of the diamond to Deep Brownish ORANGE since that is the color exhibited in the table or top-down view used by graders of such fine specimens.

The pricing of the diamond also supports this observation, since a Deep Orange diamond without a secondary modifier of brown, would be priced some 2x plus higher than this diamond.  The I1 Clarity grade is nothing to be concerned about, because it is nearly impossible to see the inclusions that prompted this grade in the table-view image above. 

The side-view or second image further supports all of the observations above, with Orange definitely being the predominant color with a hint of brownish hues added to a Deep body color.  Beautiful Cognac diamond.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $30,500
1.05 carats

PEAR Brilliant Cut
SI2, eye-clean w/ 10x magnification


Fancy VIVID Yellow ORANGE 1.05 carats Pear Cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

Fancy VIVID Yellow ORANGE 1.05 carats Pear Cut SI2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond, Side View


A distinctly ORANGE diamond with a splash of Yellow added to the Carbonic Soup when Mother Nature formed this beautiful diamond.  Since the diamond fluoresces a Medium Yellow per the GIA report, one has to ponder whether it is the excitation of the diamond lattice by ultra-violet light that is generating the Yellow component, or whether it is the inherent body color that is contributing this modifying color.

The body image or side-view image above really doesn't answer this question as it usually would, since the pointed area of the pear displays a rich orange coloration, while the bowed, lower area has a much more predominant yellow color.  I guess we will leave these musings to GIA and color scientists such as Stephen Hofer, but this is none-the-less a very Orange diamond with a modest Yellow composition.

One could almost grade this diamond as a Yellowish Orange diamond, and it appears the marketplace will likely value this specimen more along the lines of this color description.  At just over a carat in size, this is a rare and desirable fancy colored diamond worthy of the most discerning investor's portfolio or collection.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $58,500
0.70 carat,

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Fancy Gray BLUE
VS1 Clarity



Fancy Gray BLUE 0.70 carat Cushion cut VS1 Fancy Colored Diamond

Fancy Gray BLUE 0.70 carat Cushion cut VS1 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


With a GIA girdle laser inscription on girdle, this nicely colored Blue diamond has a lot going for it.   A large carat weight of 70 points for a predominantly BLUE diamond makes this diamond a collector's piece almost by itself.  Gray or Grayish hues are often found within Blue diamonds, and for a diamond such as this one with saturation at the Fancy level, the Gray component darkens the Bluish hues of the diamond, making it present a very rich Blue color in the face-up direction.

Hence, Gray is not a negative whatsoever in a Blue diamond and is almost expected to be found in one, in some concentration.  Buy a Blue colored diamond while your Dollars or Euros are still worth something.  The race to the bottom in the currency wars is well underway.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the very favorable selling features of VS1 Clarity, Very Good Polish, Very Good Symmetry, and a fluorescence of Medium Blue under UV stimulation.  The emission of a medium blue hue around the diamond structure when illuminated by sunlight or indirect sunlight just adds more Blue to the total color presentation of the diamond.  A natural colored diamond worthy of your consideration.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $21,900
4.54 carats,

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Dark Orangey Brown
VVS2 Clarity



Dark Orangey Brown 4.54 carat Cushion cut VVS2 Fancy Colored Diamond

Dark Orangey Brown 4.54 carat Cushion cut VVS2 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


Talk about a very large Champagne diamond!  While Brown diamonds as a color class are not particularly rare, chocolate diamonds of this size, exquisite coloration, and pristine clarity are rare.  Most views of the diamond do not show a lot of orangey facets, which are interspersed within the crystal, but the combination of these orangey facets and multiple gradations of brown from Dark to Light create a mosaic of color from the diamond that is most appealing.

This worthy specimen possesses Good Polish, Good Symmetry, faint fluorescence, and stellar Clarity at the VVS2 level which makes this an extremely clean diamond.  Natural colored diamonds are often in the SI1 to SI2 clarity range which is to be expected due to the volatile conditions with many intrusions into the carbonic soup as they are formed within the earth. The GIA control number is laser inscribed on the diamond's girdle.

This diamond would make a superb center stone for a unique pendant or broach.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $12,000
0.20 carat,

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
INTENSE (Purplish) PINK, Argyle Origin
SI1 Clarity



INTENSE PINK 0.20 carat Radiant cut SI1 Fancy Colored Diamond

INTENSE PINK 0.20 carat Radiant cut SI1 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


This very rare Argyle Pink diamond, with Argyle's control number laser inscribed on the girdle, definitely has a Purplish element to the total color mix.  How GIA can miss this fact when even a novice viewing the body view or side view color in the second image above can readily determine the influence of Purple in the diamond's overall color presentation.  Also, when one compares the first image of the top-down or table view to this body color view of the second image, one can make the observation that the depth of color for the diamond is "geometrically induced" by the skill of the diamond cutter.  At this point, one has to even wonder if this is not closer to a Deep Purplish Pink diamond than the color grade that GIA has bestowed upon this carbon wonder.

It is for this reason that I highly recommend that any buyer of Fancy Colored Diamonds obtain a Stephen Hofer colored diamond report for around $400 to have the actual color determined/ confirmed by spectral analysis and other color-measuring instrumentation.  GIA is using a series of graders to determine color description for any colored diamond presented to them, a highly subjective method fraught with the frailties of the human eye on a busy grading day.  These usually quite accurate graders are also using a Master Set of Colored Diamonds to make their determinations, another requirement for the eye to see clearly and accurately diamond after diamond.  I would think these technicians grade at least 20 to 30 diamonds on a given day.

Not to bury you in details, but I strongly feel that buyers of colored diamonds should bring as much knowledge as possible to the table when they consider the purchase of any given colored diamond.  This Purplish Pink diamond possesses Good Polish, Good Symmetry & SI1 eye-clean Clarity, and is a beautiful example of Mother Nature's work on all counts.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $60,300
3.02 carats,

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow, Zimi diamond from West Africa
VVS2 Clarity, exceptionally clean



Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow 3.02 ct. Round VVS2 Fancy Colored Diamond

Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow 3.02 ct. Round VVS2 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


This is a whooper of an OLIVE colored diamond with hardly an inclusion anywhere to be found on the diamond's surface or internal lattices.  Sourced from the Zimi mine in West Africa which is world renown for Zimi CANARY Yellow diamonds, this specimen is almost more Green than Yellow in total coloration so that an alternate description of Deep Brownish Yellowish Green could be equally applied by a GIA grader.

With Excellent Polish and Good Symmetry, this is a superb diamond that would lend itself to a Tiffany-style ring, pendant, or broach.  It is only the limitations of the goldsmith's imagination that would not place this Olive diamond in a high-value, unique piece of custom jewelry that would be perfect for an estate auction.

The table or top-down view of the diamond almost looks like an Autumnal scene from a turning Fall foliage display; one can almost see the leaves swaying in the wind.  It also reminds me somewhat of Camouflage, which may be a little too militaristic for some, but is sadly a fact of life in today's world.  Any way you describe this fancy colored diamond, it is a very large stone that possesses a myriad of colors to enjoy for a relatively modest price in the realm of carbonic rarities.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $10,600
3.05 carats,

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Dark Brown, Pure Chocolate
SI2 Clarity



Dark Brown 3.05 ct. Round SI2 Fancy Colored Diamond

Dark Chocolate Brown 3.05 ct. Round SI2 Fancy Colored Diamond - Body View


A pure Chocolate colored diamond without a hint of secondary color modifiers such as yellow or orange of magnificent size at 3.05 carats.  Have not really seen many brown diamonds without a secondary color, so there is some rarity to that characteristic, not to mention the stellar carat weight.  With both Excellent Polish AND Excellent Symmetry, this is truly a very well made colored diamond.  Based on the usually uneven color distribution in colored diamond rough it is very difficult to end up with an end product off the cutter's wheel that has Excellent Symmetry because compromises inevitably have to be made to retain carat weight and color saturation.

Like a Hershey Kiss, this diamond would be an prime candidate for that first colored diamond acquisition.  With Eye-Clean Clarity, this brown creation has a lot going for it.  Get out of Dollars that pay you nothing in a bank, and convert the paper fiat into something that will be around for the next 100 Million years.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $45,800
0.20 carat,

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Deep BLUE-GREEN, Aquamarine!
SI2 Clarity



Deep BLUE GREEN 0.20 carat Cushion cut SI2 GIA certified Colored Diamond


Exceptionally rare fancy colored diamond that reminds one of looking over the side of a boat into the Deep Blue Sea.  This is a very unique color for diamond that is seldom found, and when it is found, the diamond's are generally diminutive in size such as this excellent specimen.  Everyone will realize in the years and decades ahead just how rare this color combination truly is.

The masterful cutter produced a fine result with Excellent Polish and Good Symmetry, the latter parameter always guided by what Mother Nature produced with the original diamond rough.

My eyes are telling me this is more of a Blue diamond than a predominantly Green diamond as described by GIA, but this is where a Stephen Hofer Colored Diamond Report is so valuable to the accomplished investor & collector.  Mr. Hofer actually measures the color of each colored diamond submitted for his analysis using some of the most advanced and scientifically proven instrumentation in the world.  The Smithsonian Institute commissioned Stephen Hofer to measure the color of the famous Hope Diamond and issue his highly educational report on same.  You could never go wrong in receiving Mr. Hofer's report on each and every colored diamond that you purchase from WCM or elsewhere.

Remember it is all about Color, Color, Color when it comes to rarity and the market valuation and appreciation potential for a fancy colored diamond.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $97,500
0.79 carat,

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
Intense Pink(ish) PURPLE, Grape
I1 Clarity w/ twinning lines



Intense Pinkish PURPLE 0.79 carat Radiant cut I1 GIA certified Colored Diamond


Very saturated PURPLE fancy colored diamond that is a study in mineralogy/ diamond formation in itself with some visible twinning lines through the table or top-down view.  These lines are part of the process of the crystallization of carbon molecules within forming diamonds, and are a testament to the natural occurrence of the diamond at hand.  No question that this diamond is natural in origin. Investors and collectors should never shy away from I1 & I2 colored diamonds because some of the rarest colors today cannot be found or cut without some visible inclusions.  Color, color, color.

Purple (& Violet) diamonds have proven to be even rarer in Nature than the vaunted Red diamond that often is mis-graded by GIA when it is in fact a Deep Pink or Deep Purplish Pink diamond.  This is where master set/ subjective color grading, even when a consensus of 3 plus opinions, is patently inferior to scientific color grading as performed by color scientists such as Stephen C. Hofer.

Having seen many, over a span of some 15 years, Pink-Purple versus Pinkish Purple diamonds, I would tend toward describing this Grape variety above as a PINKISH PURPLE diamond because Pink does not present itself on the order of 30% of the diamond's total coloration.  There would be many more Pinkish/ Reddish hues within the crystalline structure of this diamond to describe it as a Pink-Purple diamond.

Buy a true Purple diamond while you can find one, regardless of the clarity grade which gets way too much attention in the trade and remains a tertiary consideration at best.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $40,000
0.77 carat,

CUSHION Brilliant Cut
Intense Yellowish GREEN, Summer Moss
SI1 Clarity



Intense Yellowish GREEN 0.77 carat Cushion cut SI1 GIA certified Colored Diamond

Intense Yellowish GREEN 0.77 carat Cushion cut SI1 GIA certified Colored Diamond, tilted view


This diamond's color reminds me of the moss growing on the shady side of trees, especially during the summer months when there is a lot of new growth that is predominantly of yellowish hues.  These Yellow, Yellowish Green diamonds can be very interesting when rotated in sunlight.  The light emitted from the diamond will sparkle alternating yellow and green hues, and makes for a very lively diamond.

Since this is a predominantly GREEN diamond with yellowish hues modifying the overall coloration, it falls within the Green category of fancy colored diamond for rarity and, hence, pricing levels.  Every investor/ collector should have a Green diamond in their portfolio or collection.

Pure Green diamonds are exceedingly rare in Nature.  Most will have a modifying secondary or tertiary color, with Yellow being one of the most common along with brown and gray.

This Moss diamond possesses Very Good Polish, Good Symmetry, and fluoresces a Strong Blue hue when irradiated with short wavelengths of Ultra-violet light such as found in sunlight.  Beautiful Summer Diamond.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $64,800
1.00 carat,

Cushion-Radiant Mixed Cut
Fancy Orangey PINK, Salmon
VS2 Clarity, very clean.



Fancy ORANGEY PINK 1.00 carat Cushion-Radiant cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond

Fancy ORANGEY PINK 1.00 carat Cushion-Radiant cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond, tilted view


Many times when one is searching for an Orangey PINK diamond, and they are more rare than Purplish Pink diamonds, one comes across candidates that seem to exude brownish hues instead of the desired Orangey hues.  The first image, we will call it the Table or Top Down View in this case, suggests that the combination of Orange and Pink has created a brown element in the diamond.  NOT SO.

We could give this Pink diamond the common name of Salmon, but I like the more descriptive phrase of Smoked Salmon to account for the deeper hues of color.  The second image, which is another Titled View, shows without question what this carbonic wonder is made of.  Lots and lots of PINK with an artful smattering of Orange to create a very unique color presentation in diamond.

This mixed cut diamond, incorporating the best facets of Cushion and Radiant cuts, maximizes saturation in the Table View (a.k.a., Top Down View) and in doing so, creates regions of facet reflections that cancel the light out.  In essence, the cut in this view creates lineal segments that impart a darker tone to the diamond than that found in the second image, our Titled View.  This latter view is not quite a side view as in a Tweezers Shot, but a very telling angle to discern Body Color in this Salmon diamond.

If you were to compare about 5 colored diamonds graded as Fancy Orangey Pink side by side, you would see the difference between this stellar Real McCoy and the quasi-imposters that have elements of brownish hues within them.  The eyes have it.


GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $21,600
0.36 carat,

EMERALD-Radiant Mixed Cut
INTENSE PINK, w/ Argyle certificate
VS2 - SI1 Clarity, very clean.



Intense ORANGEY PINK 0.36 carat Stepped Emerald cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond

Intense ORANGEY PINK 0.36 carat Stepped Emerald cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond, side view


Once again, the tilted side view (second image above) of this Rose colored diamond is suggesting some element of Orangey hues within the crystalline structure, but this is where actual color measurement via instrumentation from Stephen Hofer becomes so valuable.  Because there are some wavelengths of natural light that may diffuse within the diamond back to the viewer's eyes, I am a little hesitant to say with 100% certainty that Intense Orangey Pink is a better color description for this wonderful Argyle Pink diamond.  But I also kind of doubt that Mr. Hofer would not include Intense Orangey Pink as a possible color description for this very, very rare diamond.

The Table View in the first image above shows more depth of color at the INTENSE grade, so the overall presentation is more reddish and pinkish in tone that the Fancy Orangey Pink in Item 1141.  Once again, the goal of the cutter in maximizing color saturation with a stepped crown cut as in a traditional Emerald cut, but with pavilion facets that are from the Radiant cut design pattern.  It goes without saying, however, that any geometrically-induced saturation accomplished on the cutter's wheel had to start with a diamond rough well-saturated to produce the richness of color in the finished cut diamond.  Thank you, Mother Nature for this Carbonic Rose.

Enough of the technical stuff.  This Argyle Mine Intense Pink diamond with very good clarity in the VS2 to SI1 range, top-drawer clarity for Argyle material these days, is worthy of your consideration at a price well below $25,000.  Pink diamonds are still one of the most popular segments of the colored diamond market today, and Argyle Pinks literally fly off the shelf due to this Western Australian Mine's reputation for the highest quality Pink diamonds in the world.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $46,600
0.55 carat,

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Fancy Gray BLUE, Excalibur
VS2 Clarity, very eye-clean.



Fancy Gray BLUE 0.55 carat Round cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond

Fancy Gray BLUE 0.55 carat Round cut VS2 GIA certified Colored Diamond, body view


Don't ask me why, but this color reminds me of images of the young King Arthur brandishing Excalibur, the magical sword of medieval days, into the air as the sun glistens off of its highly polished blade.  A steel blue color that harkens to the Days of Yore.  One of my favorite times in history, albeit often called the Dark Ages due to widespread isolation of populations and before the Guttenberg Press. But don't ask me to understand Chaucer in his original verse!

Amazing what a touch of Gray can do to the overall impression of saturation in a Fancy BLUE diamond.  The telling Side View or Body View in the second image shows how much Blue the diamond cutter had to work with in the rough stone from Mother Nature.  Really quite a lot.  And with the magic that a master cutter can generate on the cutter's wheel, the diamond in the Table View in the first image could almost be labeled Stormy Skies as well as Excalibur.

Round brilliant cuts are rare in themselves in colored diamonds, not to mention Very Good Polish, Very Good Symmetry, clean VS2 Clarity, and a GIA report number laser-inscribed on the diamond's girdle.  All adding appeal to a One-Half Carat Plus diamond whose size adds even more value to this worthy BLUE diamond.  One of the fifth rarest colors in diamond.  Better than stocks, bonds, & real estate in the months and years ahead.  Stay tuned.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $10,000
1.10 carat,

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
Intense YELLOW, Daffodil
IF Clarity, Internally Flawless.



Intense Yellow 1.10 carat Radiant cut Internally Flawless GIA certified Colored Diamond

Intense Yellow 1.10 carat Radiant cut Internally Flawless GIA certified Colored Diamond, tilted view


This is a very saturated Intense YELLOW diamond that reminds me of the Daffodil flowers popping up very early this year with some of the Spring-like temperatures we have been having on the East Coast.  Every colored diamond investor/ collector should have a Yellow diamond in their collection.  So why not have one that is Internally Flawless, IF, in Clarity and of superb manufacture?

While Yellow diamonds are not especially rare as a color class of diamond, ones such as this with an exceptional "make" and perfect clarity grade are much rarer within that class.  For an Intense grade, this diamond is clearly at the upper end of that "intense" spectrum of saturation, just below the coloration of Vivid that can carry the Canary Yellow moniker.  A Hofer measurement would confirm this observation.

This diamond possesses Excellent Polish, Very Good Symmetry, and surprisingly shows no Fluorescence when exposed to short-wave UV light.  Many times a Yellow diamond of this high saturation level will fluoresce bluish hues under sunlight which in combination with the inherent yellow facet flashes can give an impression of a smattering of yellowish green hues.  Has to do with the molecular composition and structure of the Yellow diamond, but we will leave that discussion to the techies.

Buy straw hats in winter and Daffodils in Spring.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $13,000
0.26 carat,

RADIANT Brilliant Cut
Intense Purplish PINK, Argyle
SI1, very clean



Intense Purplish PINK 0.26 carat Radiant cut SI1 GIA certified Colored Diamond

Intense Purplish PINK 0.26 carat Radiant cut SI1 GIA certified Colored Diamond, tilted view


A diminutive, yet very rare Argyle PINK diamond with an plethora of Purplish hues providing additional richness to the overall coloration of the diamond.  The Table or Top-Down View in the first image shows a very saturated Pink diamond, while the second image, the Titled View because the angle of viewing is not perpendicular to the plane of the girdle as in a Body View, shows the abundance of Purplish and Purple facet flashes that commingle within to produce the unique color of the diamond.

The laser inscription on the girdle of a stylized "A", then mine control number 340826 leaves no question as to whether this diamond is from the Argyle mine.  Additional paperwork to support this "source of origin" or provenance may be possible to obtain directly from Argyle in Western Australia.  A Stephen Hofer colored diamond report would also support this source of origin as being the famous Argyle mine.

A well-made diamond with Good Polish, Good Symmetry, and Fluorescence at the Medium Blue level, this very affordable Argyle Pink diamond has a lot going for it aside from its low price.  A budding colored diamond collector or investor would do well to consider this Rose Pink diamond for a slot in their collection or investment portfolio.  Pink diamonds have done exceptionally well over the last 30 years, and are expected to continue to be one of the best diamond color classes for appreciation in the years ahead.



GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

- $27,500
2.50 carats,

ROUND Brilliant Cut
Deep Brownish Yellowish ORANGE,
SI2 - I1, eye clean



DEEP Brownish Yellowish 2.50 carats Round cut SI2 GIA certified Colored Diamond

DEEP Brownish Yellowish 2.50 carats Round cut SI2 GIA certified Colored Diamond, tilted view


Now .... there are some visible cloud inclusions through the table of this magnificent diamond, we believe in transparency when the word is tossed about in Washington like a pair of old shoes.  So I have independently of GIA put an I1 Clarity moniker on the diamond without any force bending my arm.  You can see them in the table facet at about 12 o'clock on the dial .... but the weight of this diamond at 2.50 carats on the mark and the perfect combination of Brownish hues, Yellowish hues and oodles of ORANGE dominant flavoring make this diamond a PERFECT COGNAC SPECIMEN.  No hyperbole here.

Throw in Excellent Polish and Very Good Symmetry, and you have a composite DEEP fancy colored diamond that would cause eyes to bug out at cocktail parties across the globe should this carbonic wonder be mounted in a unique piece of Tiffany-quality jewelry.  This is truly a show-stopping diamond that will be admired from afar and close by all who gaze upon it.

I know I am spell-bound just looking at the Titled View that displays the AUTUMNAL CORNUCOPIA OF COLORS in grand fashion.  Don't just rely on my word.  Buy this superb Cognac, have it mounted by a first-class goldsmith, and get entertained by the reactions around the lucky lady that wears it.  Or the lucky lad that wears it on his finger as a solitaire, showing it off as he tips his wine glass (or beer glass) upwards.  Whew.  Ran out of words.





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