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WANT-LIST Program:

Utilizing Qualified Coin Dealers Under Contract to WCM


WCM offers a separate, non-discretionary or client-directed program named DIRECTED SALES that allows clients to provide their individual want lists to the tangible asset broker for fulfillment through its dealer network, and/or for WCM to present WCM Recommended Coins to clients as they become available. There is no minimum asset level required to open an account in this program. This service is very suitable for collectors/investors that want to make individual U.S. rare coin purchases based upon their current numismatic preferences and/or recommendations from Wexford Capital Management and its numismatic experts.

The commission structure for this DIRECTED SALES program is at the designated volume break points shown below:

First $50,000 of Purchases
Next $75,000 of Purchases
Next $100,000 of Purchases
After $225,000 of Purchases
9.00% of invoice
8.50% of invoice
8.00% of invoice
7.50% of invoice

Commission rates for handling the sale of any U.S. rare coin purchased under the DIRECTED SALES program are:

Portfolios under $225,000
Portfolios at/over $225,000
3.00% of Net Sales Price*
2.00% of Net Sales Price 

* Based upon Net Sales Price which is Gross Sales Price reduced by any non-WCM, third-party selling costs or charges.

Please call us Toll-Free at (877) 855-9760 or e-mail us at to inquire about this service; OR just complete the new FREE COLLECTOR SERVICES Request Form  based upon your individual interests.

NOTE: WCM reserves the right to not pursue the fulfillment of individual rare coin purchases or sales where the gross invoice amount is less than $1,500, or the series or type of rare coin requested is not considered by WCM and/or its contracted dealers to be a  numismatic area in which they specialize.