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Small Inventory Just A Sampling of What's Available

The following U.S. rare coins have been selected for their potential over the intermediate and long-term investment horizons, their relative values today with respect to historical pricing, and the individual coin's rarity, quality, and eye appeal.

The rare coin broker, WCM, is also seeking to concentrate in this listing those specific U.S. rare coin types and series that are experiencing steadily increasing bids in the market currently, or, for one reason or the other, are being temporarily neglected by collectors.  Try to sift through all of the hype generated by well-funded coin dealers as to what is hot and what is not.  Do your own analysis using the CDN Coin Dealer Newsletter (The Greysheet),, and  Just because a coin dealer has a particular bobble in inventory, it doesn't mean that you should rush to buy it.

This is not even a fraction of the inventory of high-quality U.S. rare coins that is available to WCM clients.  If we do not have a specific coin in inventory or out on consignment, we can obtain virtually any numismatic material that may be on your current Want List.  It may take a little time to find the right original, problem-free coins because there is often no shortage of possibly altered, over-graded & over priced material at any given time in the market, but it will be well worth your wait.  You just don't want any coin for your collector.  You want a double-graded WCM coin.

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1.  1872 $20 Liberty MS60 PCGS

2.  1878-7/8 TF Morgan MS65 DPL

3.  1878-CC Morgan MS65 DPL

4.  1897-S Morgan  MS65 DMPL

5. 1924-S Peace Dollar MS65 PCGS


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A Word About WCM's Numis-View

This level of imaging is where internet numismatics is headed, in my opinion, since a prospective buyer of a rare coin would rather have most of the visual information about an offering prior to receiving the item and somehow being disappointed.  This degree of visual disclosure used to be called "truth in advertising", but there are, unfortunately, many exceptions to this rule in business today.

It will take several minutes for some of the very high-
resolution images to be painted on your screen depending on your internet connection speed.  I will gladly send via e-mail a compressed copy of any coin image presented as a Recommended Rare Coin, so don't hesitate to e-mail me at with individual image requests.

I hope you enjoy the splendid detail of these rare coin images, and I am always open to suggestions to improve this section of our website.

                                                   David W. Young
                                                   Wexford Capital