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  Item # / COIN SERIES:  #003 / $20 Liberty Gold, Type II
  DATE / MINTMARK:        1872 - P
  Combined Population:      32 w/ 26 higher thru MS64


   The Reconstruction Era was one of rebuilding the country after the Civil War, and the U.S. Treasury was intent on replenishing the commercial banking system with circulating coinage that had been melted during the conflict.  The Double Eagle, Type II was also intended to be used in international trade payments, so many of the coins ended up in Europe and Latin America.  Thus, as a type of gold coin, the survival rate in mint state condition is very low, and the entire series from 1866 to 1876 is scarce, especially in uncirculated or mint state condition.

This example has all of the tell-tale signs of having been transported long distances in large cloth bags, but has none of the signs of wear associated with ever having been in circulation.  The strike is solid for this issue, and the original skin of the coin, while marked, still shines through over the majority of surfaces.  A piece of history within a popular collecting series.