Low Premiums over Gold and Silver Spot Prices

Gold Bullion Coins and Bars at 1.3% over Cost and Silver at 1.7% over Cost


WCM's Fancy Colored Diamonds



1.  Minimum transaction size must be $10,000 or more.

2.  Please email us at deals@goldsilverbullion.com with a list of the bullion items you wish to sell and we will provide you with bid indications (not final price locks) as to how we would bid on your items should you sell them to WCM.  Feel free to call us at (877) 855-9760 to discuss a potential transaction, but we want your list in writing.  Please include your full name, mailing address for payment, and daytime telephone number in your email.

3.  Prices per item are not locked until client faxes or emails copy of proof of shipment via USPS Registered Mail to the designated distributor for WCM.  Currently, Registered Mail is the only method a retail client can use to ship bullion insured within the U.S. 

WCM fax number is:  (866) 611-3526.


Product is only to be shipped to the following distributor's warehouse address

FBO: 520000
1437 42nd Street, South
Fargo, ND  58103

4.  It is the responsibility of the client to properly package items for sale per USPS Registered Mail specifications.  The outside of the box must be clean for ink stamping by Post Office, use of a totally clean/new shipping box from Staple/Office Depot is one method, and all tape must be ink stampable.  Fiber reinforced, ink-stampable paper tape available at Post Office or Staples/Office Depot is recommended, especially for sealing ends of Flat Rate Boxes weighing over 35 pounds.  Consider the USPS Flat Rate Box, three sizes, at the Post Office, filling out separate Registered Mail slip with shipment details plus insured amount.  Suggest insuring product for current bid price per item as provided via email by WCM prior to shipment.  Weight limitation of 70 pounds per box and insurance limitation of $50,000 per box.

5.  After sending Registered Mail receipts to WCM, email us at deals@goldsilverbullion.com with your Purchase Order request, confirming the items you wish to sell.  Upon receiving your email, WCM will call its distributor(s) to lock the Purchase Order prices for your transaction.  A WCM Purchase Order will be issued as an Adobe Reader pdf file attachment and sent by return email using the client address provided in Step #2.

6.  Shipment progress can be tracked on the USPS website at www.usps.com to some extent, although updating is spotty.  Upon receipt at the designated WCM distributor, shipment will be checked for condition, product, and count.  WCM distributors cut and mail checks to Wexford Capital Management usually the next business day after receipt.  Once WCM receives the distributor payment via ACH, usually the second business day after receipt of product, WCM will mail the  Purchase Order amount to client the next business day after WCM receipt.  Requests for wiring of payment by WCM to client will incur a $30 wire charge, WCM's actual cost.

7.  WCM will keep you apprised of transaction progress via email, and don’t hesitate to call at (877) 855-9760 with any questions.  We make two-way markets in precious metals.

David W. Young, President
Wexford Capital Management