The CCDN COIN MARKET INDEX TICKER is updated weekly, providing you with the most up-to-date coin indexes available. The following are the symbols and what they stand for:

The green numbers represent an increase, the red represent a decrease, and the solid white represent no movement. The CCDn Coin Market Index is a compendium of all 19 charts (each weighted equally) found in the Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter "the Bluesheet." For each coin listed in each grade on each chart, we compare its current Bid to its Bid level on January 5, 1990. That initial Bid level (set at 100%) has been converted to a 1000 basis for each index. For example, for the Mint State Type Index, we calculate percentages for 94 issues times seven grades (MS61 through MS67) times 2 grading services (PCGS & NGC). This produces 1316 weekly percentage comparisons (increases, decreases, or no change), and we take the average of those 1316 percentages and convert it to the 1000 index basis. For example, if half of the coins have declined 30% and half declined 10%, we would show the market average down 20% or 200 points.



1999 CDN Inc.

Reprinted by Permission of The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter, January 14, 2000