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All scanned or digitally reproduced rare coin images presented for sale in the Recommended Coins section of the Wexford Capital Management website have not been embellished or enhanced as to toning or coloration, or edited in any manner to conceal visible flaws.  In the very infrequent instances where software image editing has been done at all, it has been performed in direct comparison with the actual slabbed coin to increase focus, contrast, image size, or to correct for artificial lighting that may have altered the coin's actual coloration or toning.  Every effort has been made to provide to prospective clients some of the most accurate and detailed images of numismatic coins available on the internet today.

Please note that some marks or scratches are actually on the plastic slab itself, especially in scanned images, and are not on the coin's surfaces.  This is one limitation in scanning certified rare coins that should be overcome as WCM continues to develop techniques for utilizing digital photography in capturing slabbed U.S. rare coins.