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Wexford Capital Management, whose Principal was a registered investment advisor from 1985 to 2005, prides itself on offering investment products at very competitive prices over the Internet.  We have reduced our overhead by using this electronic medium, and we intend to pass on the majority of those savings to you, our valued clients.  We charge a 1.1% commission or mark-up over our cost from our wholesalers on Gold Bullion products, a 1.7% commission on Silver Bullion products, and a 1.5% commission on Palladium and Platinum Bullion Products, both coins and bars.  

Listed below are representative prices for the Bullion Coin and Bar products that WCM is currently recommending to clients based on portability, refined purity, market liquidity/ acceptance, and existing premiums over melt.  As one can observe, these total premiums over melt or weight-adjusted spot prices are approximately 45% to 20% below that of most coin or bullion dealer offerings.  Reduced transactions costs always benefit the investor from the outset.

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With both U.S. credit and equity markets exhibiting stressed and overvalued conditions, it is a prudent investor who searches for avenues to diversify his/her portfolio into tangible, hard assets, such as precious metals, that  possess the following characteristics:

1.  Negative or weak correlation to price movements in the financial markets, especially the stock market.

2.  A millenniums-old medium of exchange or monetary unit that does not represent any government's liability or ability to repay; confidence in issuing entity is 100% due to ability to assay precious metals for purity.

3.  Reasonable portability should the need arise for transfer during a time of crisis; shipping and handling costs not the detriment suggested by the financial press.

4.  Well-established intermediaries exist for long-term storage and insurance if holdings do not fit in safe deposit boxes or secluded sites controlled by investor.

5.  An asset class that was in a bear market for over 22 years, that was oversold, disdained by Wall Street, and now exhibits signs of physical accumulation while breaking out to new multi-year highs.

6.  Excellent liquidity with bullion markets trading continuously around the globe 23 hours per day and with no determination of market value required by investor upon resale.

7.  An asset that central banks will increasingly use to shore up confidence in sagging fiat currencies as excessive monetary and fiscal policies cause major paper money devaluations going forward.

8.  An asset that has retained its purchasing power during both inflations and deflations, a key characteristic in a time of domestic Dollar devaluation.

Broker's Update, Year's End 2017 (December 29, 2017):  


2017 Year-End 17-YEAR Average
Return 2017* GAIN RETURN
 Gold   Au Au
+11.85% $1,296.50 372.40% 21.91%


  Ag Ag
+3.85% $16.87 268.23% 15.78%


  Pt Pt
+2.32% $927.00 49.76% 2.93%


  Pd Pd
+54.61% $1,056.00 10.46% 0.62%
*London PM    

2017 was a consolidation year for all of the Precious Metals except Palladium, BUT FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS FOR 2018, THIS BULL IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!  Almost all other assets on the planet are headed for the DEBT COLLAPSE DUMPSTER of historic proportions as Phase II of the current DEPRESSION gets up a head of steam.


And don't forget to check in each month for my Pulitzer-nominated snippet of an ezine that will bring you up-to-date as to which wheels are falling off the global wagon at the moment:  News From The Front

Low Overhead Equals Excellent Bullion Prices for Investors


The prices listed below are representative only.
All premiums over melt or equivalent bullion values (based upon current spot prices) can fluctuate significantly due to often rapidly changing conditions in the gold and silver bullion markets.  WCM will update this pricing schedule when significant spot price changes occur in gold and/or silver bullion to materially affect the current premium values over melt for the Bullion Products shown.  We consider these premiums to be key in pricing these products. 

Please email me at David@wexfordcoin.com or call me at 877-855-9760 for a current price quotation.
You can also check Intra-Day Price Updates at:

or obtain WCM Bullion Product Prices for any given spot price at:

Premiums could be higher or lower than those shown below based upon the then current gold and silver bullion market conditions.  In most cases, WCM quotations include shipping and insurance charges.  As a result, it is likely WCM's bullion product prices will be nicely lower than the majority of bullion dealers.  Just check around.


A firm order is required to lock in an invoice price per item with our low-cost distributors. 

I.  Contact information to include name, shipping address (signature required upon delivery), and daytime telephone number are required via email or fax prior to price locks by WCM.

deals@goldsilverbullion.com (fax: (866) 611-3526)

   OR just complete our
Bullion Purchase Request Form:

II.  THEN call (877) 855-9760 to confirm order placement.

III.  We will then lock your order's prices with our distributor and send you a WCM Invoice for your purchase by email in either MS Word "doc" file or Adobe Reader "pdf" file format.

IV.  You will be notified by email upon payment receipt, when funds clear with an estimated ship date, and the day of shipment with confirmation to be followed by either Registered Mail or UPS tracking info.

Please read the WCM Terms of Sale before placing an order.

WCM's Terms of Sale for BULLION Product Specifically
WCM Disclosure



Please click the link below for a detailed explanation of the Buy-Back process,


Monday thru Friday,
8:20 am to 6:00 pm
Eastern Standard

Bullion Trading Hours -
9:00 am to 5:50 pm
Eastern Standard

Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum


General questions and quotations can be readily 
handled by email. 

Don't forget to use the pricing
spreadsheet at the following link:

We try to respond to everyone's inquiries in a timely
and thorough manner.  We value your business.

Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum

Date & Time - DAILY UPDATE

11/16/2018 @ 1:50 PM












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Product Description


Over Melt

WCM BuyBack



1.1% Over






American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 karat - One Ounce, 2018





All Gold Bullion prices shown as "Delivered".

( Free Shipping on 10 or more Ounces of Gold )

For 50 Oz. or more of Gold, $1.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 100 Oz. or more of Gold, $2.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 200 Oz. or more of Gold, $3.50 Discount per Ounce.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date





Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat Gold

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date
( New Packaging, Carded  Product )




S. African Kruggerand, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold same as American Eagle

S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin 
- One Ounce
, Any Date (Prior to current)




Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat

Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin - One Ounce, Any Date




Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin, One Ounce, 24 karat

Australian Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin- One Ounce, Any Date




RCM Gold Bullion Bar, ONE OUNCE, Assay Card, 24 karat

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat 




 Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard Packaging




Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar -TEN Ounce, 24kt., IngotCard Packaging




Comex Kilogram Gold Bullion Bar, 32.15 Troy Oz.

Comex KILOGRAM Gold Bullion Bar
- 32.15 Ounces, 24 karat 

Comex Approved Refiner
/ Pamp-Suisse, RCM,












1.7% Over


 Fraser Nickel Buffalo Design Silver Round, One Ounce, Obverse

Highland Mint Silver ROUND - One Ounce 
Fraser Nickel BUFFALO Design







(Free Shipping on 500 or more Ounces of Silver)

For 10,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 20,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 30,000 Ounces or More of SILVER


Volume Discounts

$0.05 Off per Ounce

$0.08 Off per Ounce

$0.12 Off per Ounce

Silvertowne "Buffalo" TEN OUNCE Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

Silvertowne "Buffalo" Silver Bullion BAR - Ten Ounce, .999 Pure Silver





REPUBLIC METALS 100 Ounce Silver Bullion Bar, .999 Fine

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)
100 Ounce Silver Bullion BAR,.999 Pure Silver

IRA Qualified Refiner






Johnson-Matthey 100 Ounce Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

100 OUNCE Silver Bullion BAR
- ASAHI (bought J-M refineries)
.999 Pure Silver,
IRA Qualified Refiner






American Eagle Silver One Ounce Coin, Silver Maple, Silver Philharmonic

American EAGLE Silver Bullion Coin
- U.S. MINT,
One Ounce /  
2018 Date





1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Austrian Mint Silver PHILHARMONIC Coin, One Ounce

Vienna PHILHARMONIC Silver Coin
- Austrian Mint, One Ounce /

Any Date (Prior to current)





- 1x Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Canadian Maple Silver Bullion Coin, One Ounce, .9999 Purity

Canadian MAPLE LEAF Silver Coin
- Royal Canadian Mint
, One Ounce /
2018 Date, .9999 Purity Silver





- 1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 25x coin rolls)





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 715 Troy Oz., 
FULL BAG, $1,000 Face
Dimes or Quarters





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 357.5 Troy Ounces
HALF BAG, $500 Face
ALL Dimes or Quarters











1.5% Over


Royal Canadian MInt Palladium Maple Leaf, One Ounce, 2006

Canadian Maple Leaf PALLADIUM Coin
- Any Date, One Ounce   




Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure Pd, Reverse


PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - One Ounce, IngotCard




 Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, 10 Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front

PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - TEN OUNCE, Plastic Cell










1.5% Over


American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin, One Ounce

American Eagle PLATINUM Coin, 2018 Date - One Ounce, limited quantity





One  Ounce
.9995 Pt

RCM Maple PLATINUM One Ounce Coin, Obverse
Any Date




PAMP Suisse PLATINUM Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front  


PAMP-Suisse or johnson-matthey Platinum BULLION Bar





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( Input current or your own target spot
prices and see WCM recalculated
bullion product prices. )

WCM's Terms of Sale for BULLION Product Specifically

WCM Disclosure



Silver Bullion Fundamentals Are Excellent

Most Recent Spot Prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum BullionInvest in Precious Metals Coin and Bars in Your I.R.A.!

Comparison of Ownership of Precious Metals in Most Popular Forms


News from the Front:  September 22, 2018

This will be my last epistle on my current websites.  I have been contributing to and writing newsletters & ezines for over 33 years now, and it is time to hang up the pen (or give the pixels a rest).  While I have received little feedback on these time-consuming efforts, it is almost gratifying that some of the locals have recently discovered these erudite words as evidenced by their actions and statements.  Amazing how colloquial, downright ignorant, and devoid of civility some Americans can be today!  However, they still have failed, in greater measure, to take corrective actions upon my observations.  Improper behavior never goes unpunished.  Illegal behavior eventually gets punished.

When I go to the Happy Fishing Grounds (full retirement, not expiration!), I will no longer be available for lengthy telephone conversations about just about every topic under the sun.  As a Registered Investment Advisor for 20 years, I could not break the habit of giving detailed advice to clients or prospective clients, but that freebie will end immediately upon completion of this epistle.  There is no bullion reseller that I know of that will literally spend hundreds of un-billable hours giving free consultations, and the bullion business is a transactional business with very low gross margins.  Do not expect my referred bullion dealer to follow in my footsteps on giving advice outside of a bullion trade at hand.  It is all about sales volume in the precious metals business to maintain a healthy till, and that I have been fortunate to generate for the last 20 years plus.  Johnny Cochran would be rolling over in his grave with so many un-billable hours!!

This piece will be to the point:  THE DEBT COLLAPSE BALL IS ROLLING DOWN THE HILL.  It has taken almost a decade for the suppressed interest rate and debt buying binges of the Central Banks to explode outstanding debt across the globe and to grossly distort price discovery in the stock, bond, and real estate markets.  NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED SINCE THE GREATER DEPRESSION'S BIRTH IN 2007/2008.  THE BALANCE SHEET OF THE WORLD COULD NOT BE IN WORSE SHAPE!!  Global debt has never been higher, yet the income growth of consumers and sovereign treasuries to service that debt has become flat or has been declining for decades now.  In addition to collapsing currencies in the Emerging Markets (Submerging Markets!) and Less Developed Countries with Dollar denominated debt destined for the trash heap of history a la Venezuela & Brazil & Greece & Italy & Spain & China, the central banks of the world will cumulatively go net tight in their monetary policies by April of 2019; these academics who never met a payroll still think their efforts to date have been the best things since sliced bread and pizza.  This includes the U.S., ECB, and Japan, the latter which has purchased a huge chuck of Japanese stocks to keep the Nippon Party going.  China is a basket case with respect to its monetary policies, loose then tighter, loose then tighter, looser then tighter, etc., etc., etc., for the last 5 years, so we will leave them out of the equation since you can't believe 20% of the stats coming out of Beijing anyway.


THE TRUMP TRADE WAR WITH CHINA IS SEALING THE FATE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, KIND OF LIKE THE CHERRY ON THE SUNDAE OR THE ICING ON THE CAKE.  Not only will higher U.S. import prices put a decided drag on U.S. consumer purchases through inflation that is headed for 5% and higher, but the margin shrinkage in China after the U.S. tariffs is going to cause some civil unrest behind the Great Wall as marginal & over-leveraged Sino companies start to fail.  Chinese total employment will suffer, a deterioration in living standards that keeps the Commies in Power awake at night.  The higher Dollar of late, not a long-term condition I can assure you, also shrinks U.S. Corporate repatriated Dollars and overseas earnings when converted into Dollars.  TIMMMBBBERRRRR in the cryto-currencies & FANGS has been clearly heard in the Stock Market for some time now; this media-muted whisper is about to turn into a deafening roar within the overall equity market.

Be advised that the Central Banks of the Planet (and maybe Universe) will not be able to bail us out this time around.  Interest rates are nowhere near where they need to be in the 5% to 8% range to make any difference to financial survival through grossly misguided monetary policy.  Americans and other Planet Dwellers are in no financial shape to take on more debt.  Furthermore, an outright bank bail-out that we Citizens of the Realm are still paying for over the last DECADE with no interest being paid us for our money at the pasty/pathetic/crooked banks will literally cause rioting in the streets.  Get your dough out of the banks & financial system as much as possible, BECAUSE A BANK HOLIDAY LASTING FOR WEEKS IS COMING TO A VENUE NEAR YOU.  My last warning on the topic ..... EVER.

Public debt in the U.S. has now surged to over $22 Trillion in a very short period of time, not so much because of flat to declining revenues, but to an explosion in entitlement spending and general funds expenditures.  As a Baby Boomer now on the dole, but having paid $100's and $100's of Thousands into the kitty that I likely will never see most of, I HEREIN TAKE A SARCASTIC BOW TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION WHO THINK MOM & DAD WILL HAVE THEIR FINANCIAL BACKS .... FOREVER.  America is well beyond the point-of-no-return in its fiscal quagmire, with many generations to come to pay the piper with a lower standard of living.  There just ain't no free lunch in life, and this bill has come due even if the stats coming out of Washington or the hyperbole coming from the financial press would have you believe it is only Blue Skies Ahead.  The global economy has peaked, the stock & bond markets have peaked, your interest (locally) has been peaked, and the real estate market, everywhere, has peaked.  Don't re-finance now to buy that new shiny SUV or sportster, because the collateral, including the Castle, is soon going to be worth less than the debt monkey you will have on your back, i.e., all mortgages plus installment credit.

Corporations, to benefit the officers that occupy the C-Suites, have used the hard-won earnings of their employees AND mountains of new uber-cheap debt to buy back stock and not invest in new productive capacity, research, and products.  2018 is likely to see record corporate stock buy-backs, not an economically prudent way to deploy funds that have been anything but scarce up until now.  Total corporate debt by any metric has never been higher, don't believe all of the pabulum about record cash on corporate balance sheets.  It has been spoken for many times over.  Goosing Price to Earnings Ratios per Share by merely reducing the number of shares outstanding is a financial engineering exercise that has run its course.  Total sales volumes have been flat to declining for several years now, so it is my opinion, gleaned from from many highly-respected sources, that we have already entered the second phase of this Depression.

I am going to call it the "Obama Depression", because this "former leader" that authorized agency spying on an opposing party's Presidential campaign and has been yapping about opposition politics (UNPRECEDENTED) ever since leaving office DID LITERALLY NOTHING TO PUT THE COUNTRY BACK ON COURSE FROM A FISCAL, ECONOMIC, OR GOVERNANCE STANDPOINT.  Jimmy Carter, Jr., in my book and in many other Americans' books.  Since he blamed George Bush for everything except West Nile virus, the Turkey of Blame has come back home to roost.  Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and maybe Powell can all take bows in unison, but I get more squirming in the Peanut Gallery by blaming Obummer who blamed everyone else but himself during his tenure.

And without further ado, I bid you, adieu.  Hold on to your gold, silver, and colored diamonds.  They will prove to be some of the best assets you have ever had the fortune to acquire.  No hyperbole here, just 43 years of investing experience in the real world, and ..... I do have two sticks to rub together ..... that I can use to make a fire when the power inevitably goes out.

SAGE OF WEXFORD,  Old Soothsayers never die, they just fade away.





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WCM's Principal, David W. Young withdrew the Company's Registered Investment Advisor status with the S.E.C. and the Virginia Division of  Securities in May of 2005 and no longer offers  discretionary or non-discretionary managed accounts of any asset class receiving continuous supervision of assets.  WCM's principal, David W. Young, was a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in good standing from October, 1985 to May, 2005.  Furthermore, the company does not engage in any fee-based or compensatory provision of financial advice.  The brokering of tangible assets sales via U.S. Rare Coins, Precious Metals Bullion, and Fancy Colored Diamonds is the sole business of Wexford Capital Management.


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