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Wexford Capital Management, whose Principal was a registered investment advisor from 1985 to 2005, prides itself on offering investment products at very competitive prices over the Internet.  We have reduced our overhead by using this electronic medium, and we intend to pass on the majority of those savings to you, our valued clients.  We charge a 1.1% commission or mark-up over our cost from our wholesalers on Gold Bullion products, a 1.7% commission on Silver Bullion products, and a 1.5% commission on Palladium and Platinum Bullion Products, both coins and bars.  

Listed below are representative prices for the Bullion Coin and Bar products that WCM is currently recommending to clients based on portability, refined purity, market liquidity/ acceptance, and existing premiums over melt.  As one can observe, these total premiums over melt or weight-adjusted spot prices are approximately 45% to 20% below that of most coin or bullion dealer offerings.  Reduced transactions costs always benefit the investor from the outset.

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With both U.S. credit and equity markets exhibiting stressed and overvalued conditions, it is a prudent investor who searches for avenues to diversify his/her portfolio into tangible, hard assets, such as precious metals, that  possess the following characteristics:

1.  Negative or weak correlation to price movements in the financial markets, especially the stock market.

2.  A millenniums-old medium of exchange or monetary unit that does not represent any government's liability or ability to repay; confidence in issuing entity is 100% due to ability to assay precious metals for purity.

3.  Reasonable portability should the need arise for transfer during a time of crisis; shipping and handling costs not the detriment suggested by the financial press.

4.  Well-established intermediaries exist for long-term storage and insurance if holdings do not fit in safe deposit boxes or secluded sites controlled by investor.

5.  An asset class that was in a bear market for over 22 years, that was oversold, disdained by Wall Street, and now exhibits signs of physical accumulation while breaking out to new multi-year highs.

6.  Excellent liquidity with bullion markets trading continuously around the globe 23 hours per day and with no determination of market value required by investor upon resale.

7.  An asset that central banks will increasingly use to shore up confidence in sagging fiat currencies as excessive monetary and fiscal policies cause major paper money devaluations going forward.

8.  An asset that has retained its purchasing power during both inflations and deflations, a key characteristic in a time of domestic Dollar devaluation.

Broker's Update, Year's End 2017 (December 29, 2017):  


2017 Year-End 17-YEAR Average
Return 2017* GAIN RETURN
 Gold   Au Au
+11.85% $1,296.50 372.40% 21.91%


  Ag Ag
+3.85% $16.87 268.23% 15.78%


  Pt Pt
+2.32% $927.00 49.76% 2.93%


  Pd Pd
+54.61% $1,056.00 10.46% 0.62%
*London PM    

2017 was a consolidation year for all of the Precious Metals except Palladium, BUT FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS FOR 2018, THIS BULL IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!  Almost all other assets on the planet are headed for the DEBT COLLAPSE DUMPSTER of historic proportions as Phase II of the current DEPRESSION gets up a head of steam.


And don't forget to check in each month for my Pulitzer-nominated snippet of an ezine that will bring you up-to-date as to which wheels are falling off the global wagon at the moment:  News From The Front

Low Overhead Equals Excellent Bullion Prices for Investors


The prices listed below are representative only.
All premiums over melt or equivalent bullion values (based upon current spot prices) can fluctuate significantly due to often rapidly changing conditions in the gold and silver bullion markets.  WCM will update this pricing schedule when significant spot price changes occur in gold and/or silver bullion to materially affect the current premium values over melt for the Bullion Products shown.  We consider these premiums to be key in pricing these products. 

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Premiums could be higher or lower than those shown below based upon the then current gold and silver bullion market conditions.  In most cases, WCM quotations include shipping and insurance charges.  As a result, it is likely WCM's bullion product prices will be nicely lower than the majority of bullion dealers.  Just check around.


A firm order is required to lock in an invoice price per item with our low-cost distributors. 

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IV.  You will be notified by email upon payment receipt, when funds clear with an estimated ship date, and the day of shipment with confirmation to be followed by either Registered Mail or UPS tracking info.

Please read the WCM Terms of Sale before placing an order.

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Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum


General questions and quotations can be readily 
handled by email. 

Don't forget to use the pricing
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We try to respond to everyone's inquiries in a timely
and thorough manner.  We value your business.

Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum

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5/21/2018 @ 3:45 PM












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Over Melt

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1.1% Over






American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 karat - One Ounce, 2018





All Gold Bullion prices shown as "Delivered".

( Free Shipping on 10 or more Ounces of Gold )

For 50 Oz. or more of Gold, $1.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 100 Oz. or more of Gold, $2.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 200 Oz. or more of Gold, $3.50 Discount per Ounce.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date





Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat Gold

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date
( New Packaging, Carded  Product )




S. African Kruggerand, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold same as American Eagle

S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin 
- One Ounce
, Any Date (Prior to current)




Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat

Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin - One Ounce, Any Date




Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin, One Ounce, 24 karat

Australian Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin- One Ounce, Any Date




RCM Gold Bullion Bar, ONE OUNCE, Assay Card, 24 karat

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat 




 Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard Packaging




Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar -TEN Ounce, 24kt., IngotCard Packaging




Comex Kilogram Gold Bullion Bar, 32.15 Troy Oz.

Comex KILOGRAM Gold Bullion Bar
- 32.15 Ounces, 24 karat 

Comex Approved Refiner
/ Pamp-Suisse, RCM,












1.7% Over


 Fraser Nickel Buffalo Design Silver Round, One Ounce, Obverse

Highland Mint Silver ROUND - One Ounce 
Fraser Nickel BUFFALO Design







(Free Shipping on 500 or more Ounces of Silver)

For 10,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 20,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 30,000 Ounces or More of SILVER


Volume Discounts

$0.05 Off per Ounce

$0.08 Off per Ounce

$0.12 Off per Ounce

Silvertowne "Buffalo" TEN OUNCE Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

Silvertowne "Buffalo" Silver Bullion BAR - Ten Ounce, .999 Pure Silver





REPUBLIC METALS 100 Ounce Silver Bullion Bar, .999 Fine

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)
100 Ounce Silver Bullion BAR,.999 Pure Silver

IRA Qualified Refiner






Johnson-Matthey 100 Ounce Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

100 OUNCE Silver Bullion BAR
- ASAHI (bought J-M refineries)
.999 Pure Silver,
IRA Qualified Refiner






American Eagle Silver One Ounce Coin, Silver Maple, Silver Philharmonic

American EAGLE Silver Bullion Coin
- U.S. MINT,
One Ounce /  
2018 Date





1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Austrian Mint Silver PHILHARMONIC Coin, One Ounce

Vienna PHILHARMONIC Silver Coin
- Austrian Mint, One Ounce /

Any Date (Prior to current)





- 1x Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Canadian Maple Silver Bullion Coin, One Ounce, .9999 Purity

Canadian MAPLE LEAF Silver Coin
- Royal Canadian Mint
, One Ounce /
2018 Date, .9999 Purity Silver





- 1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 25x coin rolls)





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 715 Troy Oz., 
FULL BAG, $1,000 Face
Dimes or Quarters





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 357.5 Troy Ounces
HALF BAG, $500 Face
ALL Dimes or Quarters











1.5% Over


Royal Canadian MInt Palladium Maple Leaf, One Ounce, 2006

Canadian Maple Leaf PALLADIUM Coin
- Any Date, One Ounce   




Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure Pd, Reverse


PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - One Ounce, IngotCard




 Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, 10 Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front

PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - TEN OUNCE, Plastic Cell










1.5% Over


American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin, One Ounce

American Eagle PLATINUM Coin, 2018 Date - One Ounce, limited quantity





One  Ounce
.9995 Pt

RCM Maple PLATINUM One Ounce Coin, Obverse
Any Date




PAMP Suisse PLATINUM Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front  


PAMP-Suisse or johnson-matthey Platinum BULLION Bar





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Silver Bullion Fundamentals Are Excellent

Most Recent Spot Prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum BullionInvest in Precious Metals Coin and Bars in Your I.R.A.!

Comparison of Ownership of Precious Metals in Most Popular Forms


News from the Front:  March 26, 2018

I was going to wait until April Fool's Day to compose this every-other-month epistle, but I then figured there were too many loyal readers who rushed to their computers every morning only to be disappointed that there were no new Dewdrops of Wisdom from the Sage.  "A Fool and his money are soon parted" comes to mind, in spades, in the financial and real estate markets today, and the stock market is soon to join the Bond Market Bear in progressively lower prices in the weeks and months immediately ahead.  No more waiting for a rationalization of equity prices, IT IS HERE WITH A VENGEANCE.  Mind you, the robo-machines will push equities spectacularly higher on a single day like today celebrating a China sitting down to the Trade Negotiation Table (TNT), good luck with that one, BUT THE TREND IS NOW DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

The peak, or should I say lower & lower peaks, that has been put in so far this year is a little more than a so-called correction as defined by the Perma-Bulls on BubbleVision, based on the daily magnitude and volatility of formation.  No asset class rises for almost a decade uninterrupted in price appreciation without a comeuppance arriving at some point.  That comeuppance will be a true and deadly BEAR MARKET to the vast majority of stock investors who don't have the common sense to get out of the way of a speeding train.  Greed is still running rampant on Broad & Wall Streets. No disrespect intended for these Naive Ones, just appropriate contempt for any that may think a retirement fund bail-out will be their Constitutional Right in the years ahead.


Switching gears somewhat, but still on the path of DISHING OVERVALUED ASSETS (DOA), I have to giggle somewhat at people who still mistakenly think that residential real estate is the Easy Road to Retirement Nirvana (ERRN).  You get to live in it, put in a pool, scoop up your neighbors' pet's excrement regularly, pay property taxes on it, and pay a never-ending stream of repairs & maintenance on it, not to mention those very expensive Home Improvements that you likely won't see a penny worth's back upon resale.  Thank goodness that the Mortgage Deduction for Real Estate Property Tax is now capped at $10,000 per year.  I am tired of subsidizing high-tax States like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island (insolvent!), and California that inherently are uber-liberal and free spending.  Try being a Public Employee betting on full retirement benefits in those States!!

This will eventually have a depressing effect on the real estate markets in those States, stay tuned.  The effects of Cost of Carry have not been revoked from Asset Pricing.  Since I personally got rid of all mortgage debt in 2002, with a homestead downsize of Biblical proportions, I am not a strong advocate of the Mortgage Interest Deduction in the first place.  Why should homeowners be so subsidized to include deducting Property Taxes WHEN RENTERS, PROBABLY A SMARTER GROUP OF SHELTER-SEEKERS AT THIS JUNCTION, GET TO DEDUCT NONE OF THEIR RENTAL PAYMENTS.  Time to let the Real Estate Industry sink or swim with the rest of us mortals.

Homeownership is not a Constitutional Right, nor is it appropriate for many individuals who are so heavily buried already in every other form of debt:  Student Loan, Auto Loan, Installment Loan, and Credit Card Debt that the Home Mortgage is the last ounce of debt burden just enough to break the camel's back.  Real estate is going to be a dog of an investment over the next 30 years, just like my residence here in lovely Virginia which is still over $100,000 below the 2005 peak and MAYBE ONLY $20K above COST BASIS for a 2018 selling price AFTER A 6% COMMISSION!!  A less than 10% before-tax return after 15.5 years!!!  SORELY BELOW THE RATE OF INFLATION PER ANNUM ..... SOME INVESTMENT!!!  And I am not deducting for after-tax carrying costs such as repairs & maintenance.

Just a roof of varying niceness over your head.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Get used to this concept.

Told an incredulous neighbor here in 2006 that I never expected to make any money on this cottage-like home on a whopping 1/3 acre lot, and he is about to find that out on his decade-plus holding now up for sale in a very lower middle class neighborhood (from my 1950's/ 1960's evolutionary, growing-up comparisons!).  No insult intended to anyone, just a fact based on likely income levels, final education, occupations, and lack of manners and consideration of others; we used to call the latter shortcoming a Lack of Upbringing in the Old Days, but that is Totally Politically Incorrect (TPI) today!

One crucial rule of real estate investing:  Never own the most over-improved house in the neighborhood.  I was in that camp in the early 1990's in Leesburg, VA, but was eclipsed in the later years of that decade by my over-improving neighbors.

Oh, and based upon the number of newer model year gas-guzzlers sitting on the street and in the driveways, since the two-car garage has been either filled with piles of junk or converted into a Romper Room of some genesis, these same people are more than likely up to their proverbial eyeballs in all varieties of debt.  Re-finance the house to build a pool?  PLEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

But I digress something BIG TIME here.  Just some New Year Venting.

Gold and Silver are looking and acting great.  I know I have said this many a time since 2011, but the Entrails of the Chicken are lining up for one heck of a bull market pulse as my wrinkled old digits pound the keyboard.  (Ever notice as you are reaching your so-called "Golden Years" that your skin looks more and more like a waterlogged alligator??!!!)

Gold has now completed a classic Cup and Handle formation which from my 47 years of investing has proven to be the most reliable and predictive technical price pattern for a budding break-out to higher prices.  Silver is in a declining wedge pattern that the majority of the time is resolved by a very strong break-out to the upside.  Plus, the Speculators on the COMEX have now gone net short in the futures pits on Silver, which normally is a very bullish contrarian sign that this hot money is soon to be burned in the opposite direction.  Short covering rally comes to mind.
Let's look at some of the fundamentals that are providing a very strong tailwind to the Precious Metals for Second Quarter, 2018:

1.  Budding Trade Wars around the world where the Donald takes the lead and the non-U.S. players counter with one domestic-industry-saving tariff after the other.  If you think China will play nice under any negotiated deals as of today, I have a Bridge to Nowhere to sell you.  If they continue to steal our intellectual property left & right, you think they will adhere to any trade deals going forward???!!  Higher domestic U.S. imported prices are coming on top of a Declining Dollar due to loss of confidence in Washington getting its fiscal & political crap together.  Reminds me of the trade wars culminating in the Great Depression of the late 1920's!



2.  Flight of capital from U.S. stocks and bonds and real estate as one market after the other has peaked out or is in the process of doing so (domestic real estate the last to get the memo!).  Economy is crapping out as I type, but don't tell that to the statisticians out of Washington.  Too much debt burden everywhere to support incremental economic growth at this point, not to mention mortgage rates and interest rates headed higher with Default Risk and Inflation Risk now firmly back into the pricing formula for Debt.  The Bond Vigilantes are back in town.  The party is over in the financial markets.  Reality will be very costly for those who overstay these markets.

3.  The Fed is on a Quantitative Tightening binge that will drain $100's of Billions from the Treasury and Mortgage markets over the course of the year.  The Ten-Year Treasury is at 2.84% and counting, with 2.5% having been the critical level for labeling the bond market as being firmly in Bear Mode.  Mortgage rates are now up over 50 basis points since the last quarter of 2017 with a lot of marginally qualified buyers now knocked out of the box.  The Fed has never been known for astute timing or effectiveness of policies (Volcker & Martin the exceptions), so they are most likely trying to build a buffer into interest rates so they will have some room to lower rates at the next financial crisis that they finally see is just around the corner.  Taxpayer bail-outs as in 2008 will cause riots in the streets since Wall Street, not Main Street, has benefited from the grossly misguided Fed Policies of the last 30 years.

4.  The United States has descended into Political Dysfunction & Fiscal Collapse.  The spending bills being pushed out of our Pork Barrel Congress and signed by the Donald are adding Trillions & Trillions of Dollars to the National Debt over the next decade alone.  Already we have passed the $21 Trillion National Debt marker without either party making note of even the existence of the Country Crushing Debt Monster coming down the road.  The U.S. Dollar is now firmly in a bear market that is going to see the Dollar Index sink to 70 or 60 from around 90 today over the next two years.  Very bad for U.S. inflation, sales of U.S. Government Debt without much higher interest rates, and very positive for alternatives to fiat currencies, GOLD and SILVER.



Enough for now.  Need to take some aspirin to get rid of the headache this dire reality is causing me.  Maybe they should be Gold and Silver coated capsules, n'est pas?  U.S. buyers of Gold and Silver are on strike right now across the bullion industry.  They will wish they had purchased at today's prices when they had the chance.  If you want to live like a Rothschild, "BUY WHEN THERE IS BLOOD IN THE STREETS".

SAGE OF WEXFORD,  eventually even a monkey at a typewriter types a word.




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