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Wexford Capital Management, whose Principal was a registered investment advisor from 1985 to 2005, prides itself on offering investment products at very competitive prices over the Internet.  We have reduced our overhead by using this electronic medium, and we intend to pass on the majority of those savings to you, our valued clients.  We charge a 1.1% commission or mark-up over our cost from our wholesalers on Gold Bullion products, a 1.7% commission on Silver Bullion products, and a 1.5% commission on Palladium and Platinum Bullion Products, both coins and bars.  

Listed below are representative prices for the Bullion Coin and Bar products that WCM is currently recommending to clients based on portability, refined purity, market liquidity/ acceptance, and existing premiums over melt.  As one can observe, these total premiums over melt or weight-adjusted spot prices are approximately 45% to 20% below that of most coin or bullion dealer offerings.  Reduced transactions costs always benefit the investor from the outset.

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With both U.S. credit and equity markets exhibiting stressed and overvalued conditions, it is a prudent investor who searches for avenues to diversify his/her portfolio into tangible, hard assets, such as precious metals, that  possess the following characteristics:

1.  Negative or weak correlation to price movements in the financial markets, especially the stock market.

2.  A millenniums-old medium of exchange or monetary unit that does not represent any government's liability or ability to repay; confidence in issuing entity is 100% due to ability to assay precious metals for purity.

3.  Reasonable portability should the need arise for transfer during a time of crisis; shipping and handling costs not the detriment suggested by the financial press.

4.  Well-established intermediaries exist for long-term storage and insurance if holdings do not fit in safe deposit boxes or secluded sites controlled by investor.

5.  An asset class that was in a bear market for over 22 years, that was oversold, disdained by Wall Street, and now exhibits signs of physical accumulation while breaking out to new multi-year highs.

6.  Excellent liquidity with bullion markets trading continuously around the globe 23 hours per day and with no determination of market value required by investor upon resale.

7.  An asset that central banks will increasingly use to shore up confidence in sagging fiat currencies as excessive monetary and fiscal policies cause major paper money devaluations going forward.

8.  An asset that has retained its purchasing power during both inflations and deflations, a key characteristic in a time of domestic Dollar devaluation.

Broker's Update, Year's End 2017 (December 29, 2017):  


2017 Year-End 17-YEAR Average
Return 2017* GAIN RETURN
 Gold   Au Au
+11.85% $1,296.50 372.40% 21.91%


  Ag Ag
+3.85% $16.87 268.23% 15.78%


  Pt Pt
+2.32% $927.00 49.76% 2.93%


  Pd Pd
+54.61% $1,056.00 10.46% 0.62%
*London PM    

2017 was a consolidation year for all of the Precious Metals except Palladium, BUT FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS FOR 2018, THIS BULL IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!  Almost all other assets on the planet are headed for the DEBT COLLAPSE DUMPSTER of historic proportions as Phase II of the current DEPRESSION gets up a head of steam.


And don't forget to check in each month for my Pulitzer-nominated snippet of an ezine that will bring you up-to-date as to which wheels are falling off the global wagon at the moment:  News From The Front

Low Overhead Equals Excellent Bullion Prices for Investors


The prices listed below are representative only.
All premiums over melt or equivalent bullion values (based upon current spot prices) can fluctuate significantly due to often rapidly changing conditions in the gold and silver bullion markets.  WCM will update this pricing schedule when significant spot price changes occur in gold and/or silver bullion to materially affect the current premium values over melt for the Bullion Products shown.  We consider these premiums to be key in pricing these products. 

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Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum


General questions and quotations can be readily 
handled by email. 

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Examples of Minimum Order Sizes:

8x Ounces of Gold or 500 Ounces of Silver
or One-Half Bag 90% Junk Silver
or 12 Ounces of Palladium or 7 Ounces of Platinum

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Over Melt

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1.1% Over






American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 karat - One Ounce, 2018





All Gold Bullion prices shown as "Delivered".

( Free Shipping on 10 or more Ounces of Gold )

For 50 Oz. or more of Gold, $1.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 100 Oz. or more of Gold, $2.50 Discount per Ounce.

For 200 Oz. or more of Gold, $3.50 Discount per Ounce.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date





Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat Gold

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
- One Ounce, 2018 Date
( New Packaging, Carded  Product )




S. African Kruggerand, 1 Troy Ounce, 22 karat Gold same as American Eagle

S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin 
- One Ounce
, Any Date (Prior to current)




Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin, 1 Ounce, 24 karat

Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin - One Ounce, Any Date




Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin, One Ounce, 24 karat

Australian Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin- One Ounce, Any Date




RCM Gold Bullion Bar, ONE OUNCE, Assay Card, 24 karat

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat 




 Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar - One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard Packaging




Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, IngotCard

PERTH MINT  Registered Gold Bullion Bar -TEN Ounce, 24kt., IngotCard Packaging




Comex Kilogram Gold Bullion Bar, 32.15 Troy Oz.

Comex KILOGRAM Gold Bullion Bar
- 32.15 Ounces, 24 karat 

Comex Approved Refiner
/ Pamp-Suisse, RCM,












1.7% Over


 Fraser Nickel Buffalo Design Silver Round, One Ounce, Obverse

Highland Mint Silver ROUND - One Ounce 
Fraser Nickel BUFFALO Design







(Free Shipping on 500 or more Ounces of Silver)

For 10,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 20,000 Ounces or More of SILVER

For 30,000 Ounces or More of SILVER


Volume Discounts

$0.05 Off per Ounce

$0.08 Off per Ounce

$0.12 Off per Ounce

Silvertowne "Buffalo" TEN OUNCE Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

Silvertowne "Buffalo" Silver Bullion BAR - Ten Ounce, .999 Pure Silver





REPUBLIC METALS 100 Ounce Silver Bullion Bar, .999 Fine

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)
100 Ounce Silver Bullion BAR,.999 Pure Silver

IRA Qualified Refiner






Johnson-Matthey 100 Ounce Silver Bar, .999 Pure Ag

100 OUNCE Silver Bullion BAR
- ASAHI (bought J-M refineries)
.999 Pure Silver,
IRA Qualified Refiner






American Eagle Silver One Ounce Coin, Silver Maple, Silver Philharmonic

American EAGLE Silver Bullion Coin
- U.S. MINT,
One Ounce /  
2018 Date





1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Austrian Mint Silver PHILHARMONIC Coin, One Ounce

Vienna PHILHARMONIC Silver Coin
- Austrian Mint, One Ounce /

Any Date (Prior to current)





- 1x Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 20x coin rolls)





Canadian Maple Silver Bullion Coin, One Ounce, .9999 Purity

Canadian MAPLE LEAF Silver Coin
- Royal Canadian Mint
, One Ounce /
2018 Date, .9999 Purity Silver





- 1 Box / 500 count
(non-Box quantities available in 25x coin rolls)





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 715 Troy Oz., 
FULL BAG, $1,000 Face
Dimes or Quarters





90% Junk Silver Bag Product Detail

90% Junk Silver Bag - 357.5 Troy Ounces
HALF BAG, $500 Face
ALL Dimes or Quarters











1.5% Over


Royal Canadian MInt Palladium Maple Leaf, One Ounce, 2006

Canadian Maple Leaf PALLADIUM Coin
- Any Date, One Ounce   




Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure Pd, Reverse


PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - One Ounce, IngotCard




 Pamp Suisse Palladium Bar, 10 Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front

PAMP-Suisse PALLADIUM Bullion Bar - TEN OUNCE, Plastic Cell










1.5% Over


American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin, One Ounce

American Eagle PLATINUM Coin, 2018 Date - One Ounce, limited quantity





One  Ounce
.9995 Pt

RCM Maple PLATINUM One Ounce Coin, Obverse
Any Date




PAMP Suisse PLATINUM Bar, One Ounce, .9995 Pure, Obverse / Front  


PAMP-Suisse or johnson-matthey Platinum BULLION Bar





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Silver Bullion Fundamentals Are Excellent

Most Recent Spot Prices for Gold, Silver, and Platinum BullionInvest in Precious Metals Coin and Bars in Your I.R.A.!

Comparison of Ownership of Precious Metals in Most Popular Forms


News from the Front:  July 3, 2018

Happy 4th of July holiday to all.  Make sure you try to display an American flag on your property, not so much out of overt patriotism, but out of respect for the fallen.  Many a fine man and woman have died defending our freedom and way of life, often at very young ages.  Without these brave souls, we would be speaking German, Japanese, Russian, or Chinese as I type.

For the record, I exercise my First Amendment rights every time I sit down to do this epistle.  Some may disagree with what I have to say or even be offended by it, but it is a Constitutional right to speak freely in this country, even if some find the words or subject matter offensive. Slander and defamation are another matter, but I will leave that topic to others to ponder.

I am going to try to paint as vivid a picture of what I see coming down the road very shortly and will use the example of some local practices to kick off the discussion.  Some citizens here in Frederick County, VA rent a portion of their personal residences to unrelated individuals as either a matter of convenience or financial necessity.  Seems innocuous enough, but the Occupancy Permits issued after completion of construction were for Single-Family Residences, not Multi-Family Residences.  Frederick Building & Development has asked me if I knew of any violations of this code, but I pled ignorance at the time.  A violation of County code, but this is not where the major problem arises for the clandestine Landlords; it comes in the form of unreported rental income.

You say how much could this really amount to for a nasty, dogged I.R.S. agent to come a calling.  Homes in this area rent anywhere from $1600 to $1800 per month for about a 2400 sq. ft. dwelling.  Say you have one tenant in your home who pays you a conservative $250 per month, plus probably a portion of the utility bills that he or she affects through their living there.  So annually, you have possibly $3000 in income that is not reported, and over 10 years, you have $30,000 and over 15 years you have $45,000.  Not exactly chump change any longer, is it???  It only takes a forensic cashflow accounting analysis to discover these sums as well as possible affidavits from informants looking to collect.

Remember through the I.G.'s office at the USPS, the I.R.S. can match residential addresses to any given individual for any period of time, so saying: "I didn't live there for the last decade." just ain't going to fly.

Where am I going with this, you ask?  Tax avoidance or aversion is going to be a major problem for the Federal Government going forward, especially for what I see those in power doing to attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall again.  The problem of the Cash Economy not paying the Piper is going to explode for two very simple reasons.

1.  The Debt Implosion is well underway around the globe

Americans are one of the most heavily indebted species on the planet, thank you U.S. Federal Reserve for making us Yanks think that money is now free, and we should borrow as much as we can at such cheap, cheap interest rates!  The Default Ball is already rolling down the mountain, so at some point in the not-too-distant future, there is going to be tremendous political pressure from the voting masses for either DEBT FORGIVENESS or DEBT RESTRUCTURING.

On the other side of the equation, those of us who have worked our tails off (and run our vehicles into the ground, foregone expensive vacations, and not collected a stable of expensive toys) to get totally out of debt or, at a minimum, have paid debt down to a very low level ARE GOING TO RIGHTFULLY THROW A HISSY FIT AT THE MERE SUGGESTION OF DEBT FORGIVENESS OR RESTRUCTURING.  Not only would this be a discriminatory-Unconstitutional legislation or Executive Order that would eventually be overturned by the Supreme Court, but I would not be surprised if some of these DEBT-Lite citizens started failing to report all of their income as in Monkey See, Monkey Do imitation of all of the tax cheats we have out there already.  What is good for the goose ...... is good for the gander.  Not sure that old saying applies, but it is all I had at my fingertips.

Now Debt Restructuring of turning that 30-year mortgage into a 40-year mortgage with the same interest rate or that 5-year car loan into a 7-year car loan TO REDUCE MONTHLY PAYMENTS is probably going to be the initial response from Uncle Sam, but the problem remains:  Out of whose pocket will these goodies be paid for???  Who is going to bear the cost aside from you and me??  The Banks will holler bloody murder, and us Debt-Lite persons will do likewise, at a minimum.

Are formerly conscientious taxpayers going to continue to fully Feed the Beast of insolvent, bloated Government when they are rewarded with another big tab to pick up, and this will be in the form of HYPER-INFLATION & Dollar Debasement.

Federal Revenues are already headed Southbound with an economy rolling over into outright Recession, so we next turn to the illustrious, but incompetent Federal Reserve to attempt to put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall.

2.  The Federal Reserve is going to print Money like a Drunken Sailor.

Here is where the HYPER-INFLATION comes in.  Quantitative Tightening by the Fed is a newborn in comparison to the Liquidity Spigot that the results-challenged Fed has kept wide open since 2008.  By October of this year, some $600 Billion of debt market instruments will disappear from the Money Liquidity Pit each and every month going forward.  This will slam the financial markets and real estate market like a 10-pound sledgehammer, if rising interest rates this summer have not already done so.  This entire subpar economic "recovery" since 2008 has depended on cheap money for any semblance of "growth", and now the punchbowl, even around the world, is being pulled away from the Debt Addicts.

The U.S. Dollar has rallied to around the 94 to 95 level on the Dollar Index, not because it is a fiscally sound currency that will not be debased by its handlers, it will be with abandon a la Weimar Germany, but perceived to be a better BET than the rest of the grossly-compromised, competing currencies.  A prettier witch than the other hags in the covenant.  How do you attempt to pay off some $170 Trillion in UNFUNDED OBLIGATIONS of the U.S. Government in the years ahead??  Print money via the Central Bank's Next Round of Quantitative Easing coming to a venue near you in 2019 or 2020 or sooner.

Of course, too much money in the system chasing too few goods is the classic definition of INFLATION, and we have no further to look than recent oil and gasoline prices to get a clue of what lies ahead.  The misguided Supreme Court ruling that the States may force online retailers without a physical presence in their respective State to charge and file State Sales Tax is also inflationary to the consumer on the street, highly expensive/burdensome on small businesses, and a new brake on the economy that has now come out of nowhere.  To think that taxes of any genre when increased by 5% to 7% on Billions and Billions of dollars of sales in not inflationary is to live in the unreal world of the BLS. Total retail sales will likely decrease, which is not positive for an already wounded economy running on vapors.

The Fed is a spineless organization and the first hints of stock/bond/real estate market stress or panic, and the normalization of interest rates, also know as Quantitative Tightening, is going out the window in a heartbeat.  BUT THEY HAVE NOWHERE TO GO WITH INTEREST RATES, SO IT IS PRINT, PRINT, PRINT, PRINT.

The Dollar as the Reserve Currency is being challenged by many a Sino-Russian initiated trading bloc, and with less demand for Dollars in the years ahead almost a foregone conclusion, the devaluation of the Greenback is accelerated further.  A devaluation Stateside, a la China, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina, is nothing but inflationary upon the cost of imported goods, which Americans have an almost endless appetite for.


So the conscientious taxpayer picks up the tab in the end.  And begins to dwell upon paying back his or her mis-handlers a la the practices of the tax cheats.  ALL AMERICANS HAVE SUBSIDIZED THE BANKS BY OVER $17 TRILLION SINCE 2008 IN LOST INTEREST INCOME.  The hoes, shovels, and pitchforks are at the ready.

Running out of pixels and time.  Buy the precious metals during the Summer Sale.  Put a clothespin on your nose if you have to.  The bullion pits are running crimson red with futures market short sellers, and they have loaded the trading boat so much on the Sell side that they are going to get very wet and soggy indeed as Gold and Silver turn in here.  You can bet your last rotting Dollar on it.



The observations about unreported income above are not meant to be judgmental, but to show just one example how the Revenue Stream to Uncle Sam is thwarted or compromised on a daily basis.  As the Fiscal Crisis here in the States becomes more dire in the years ahead, due basically to the shear weight of the Federal DEBT numbers and the unfolding Phase Two of the Greater Depression, the I.R.S. enforcement machine will shift into high gear, auditing and fining those that would never have appeared on the radar today.

Although there was dancing in the streets of Wall Street and Main for the ballyhooed Trump Tax Cuts, they effectively put a ceiling on Federal Revenues at about $16 Trillion per year.  By basically doubling the Standard Deduction, they also make contributions to charities more tenuous since a Citizen receives more dollars of deductions without ever having to make a contribution.  Unintended consequence!  But the net result of this misguided generosity, at possibly the worst time in American Fiscal History, is to create annual Budget Deficits of $1 Trillion PLUS as far as the eye can see.  So add $1.1 Trillion to our ballooning Debt of $22 Trillion or a whooping 5% per annum and see where you are in 5 years:  $28 Trillion down the rabbit hole and climbing exponentially as Foreign Buyers of our Treasuries demand higher and higher interest rates in order to push the "Buy" Button while the Greenback heads into the crapper of Failed Currency History.  Ever buy a Sovereign Bond in which the currency of repayment is devaluing like a politician's approval rating???!!

THIS IS REALITY, AMERICANS.  The Fiscal Can is so eaten with rust that kicking it down the road is no longer an option, unless you want a dirty shoe and we will surely collectively get one.  Estimating 2018 U.S. GDP at about $20 Trillion, the Debt to GDP ratio is TODAY a Banana Republic level of 110% and in five years a Greece-like 140% assuming the Phase II Depression does not crater GDP (as it surely will).



SAGE OF WEXFORD,  beating the Bullish Bullion drum for over 21 years now.





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