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Both the economy and the financial markets move in major cycles that can exert significant influences on long-term investment returns should an investor not recognize their existence.  It is our contention at Wexford Capital Management ( WCM ) that we have entered such a major secular period beginning in early 2000 to this day.  Whether one labels today's financial market environment as a bull or bear market or today's economy as a full-fledged recovery or an intermittent spurt in activity is really immaterial to the ultimate decision to undertake critical investment portfolio diversification into Tangible or Hard Assets.  Risk reduction is one of the time-tested tenets of successful investment management.  When there is a body of reliable evidence as to extended valuation levels in traditional investments, stocks, bonds, emerging market debt, or even real estate, it behooves the prudent investor to lower overall investment risk through diversification.

By selecting and acquiring negatively correlated asset classes such as certified pre-1933 U.S. rare coins, precious metals bullion coins & bars, and GIA-certified fancy colored diamonds, an investor is making a conscious decision to seek greater risk-to-reward values in non-extended, non-traditional investment areas.

It is not by accident that WCM has selected these 3 key Tangible Asset classes upon which to concentrate.  Over 2 decades of investing experience and market research have resulting in finding relatively liquid and bargain-priced asset classes that have an excellent probability of performing well in the difficult decade the tangible asset broker sees ahead.  And these assets do not rely upon potentially unreliable financial data to determine valuations or a "promise to pay".

Investing in U.S. rare coins has long been a very successful pursuit for primarily skilled collectors who have acquired the expertise to determine relative values for different rare coins based upon years of actual trading experience. Today, however, it is possible for collectors and investors to duplicate this expertise by buying only third-party grading services' certified and encapsulated U.S. rare coins and by enlisting the professional advice of nationally recognized and trusted experts in the field of numismatics.  It is not sufficient to just buy a slabbed, graded rare coin, but one that has been graded by a recognized, independent expert in the field of numismatics.  Two professional opinions are always valuable for objectivity.  A high-pressure salesman from a high-volume coin dealer is usually nothing more than that, a salesman with totally insufficient numismatic knowledge and a weekly quota to meet. 

Since asset prices are determined by supply and demand, why not consider an asset class such as U.S. rare coins that has a finite potential supply and steadily increasing demand in the U.S. today?
  After years of research and first-hand trading of P.C.G.S., N.G.C. and I.C.G. certified  U.S. rare coins, Wexford Capital Management established its own well-researched program in 1997 for investing in certified pre-1933 gold and silver U.S. rare coins.  The former investment advisor ( registered October, 1985 through May, 2005 ) used his own money to weed out the slick from the trustworthy sources of truly rare, problem-free and original rare coins.  Unfortunately, out of an initial field of 7 major national coin dealers, only two coin buyers survived the rigors of complete trustworthiness AND numismatic expertise, not to mention fair pricing.  To say that it is a jungle out there in the world of U.S. rare coins is an understatement, and the school of hard knocks can be very expensive for an investor or collector placing his or her hard-earned money in the wrong hands.  I can attest to this reality from first-hand experience in personally buying either "over-graded" or "over-priced" or "problem" coins or all of the former!  Besides "reading the book before buying the coin", read the signals from the prospective dealer before dealing with him and search the internet to glean any unfavorable comments from clients about the coin dealer.

Tangible Asset Programhe initial purpose of this asset research at WCM was to provide both investors and collectors with an unbiased professional service for the acquisition of scarce, high-quality certified U.S. rare coins.  Besides being able to hold these truly rare objects of beauty and history in the palm of their hand, investors and collectors are able to prudently diversify their investment portfolios into highly collectible "tangible" or "hard" assets.  As graphically depicted in our Performance History section, the popular 12-Piece U.S. Gold Set in the uncirculated  or gem-quality grade of Mint State 65 has outperformed stocks over the last 30 years. This is a well-documented fact that most financial asset investors have not recognized.  Furthermore, there are additional documented examples of investors obtaining annual compound rates of return with pre-1933 U.S. rare coins comprised of both gold and silver that are well in excess of returns available through only investing in equities or financial assets.  Diversifying one's investment assets into tangible assets can pay, not to mention the enjoyment and education afforded collectors through the artistry of the minting process itself and the historical significance surrounding these miniature works of art in silver and gold.

Judge for Yourselfust some of the advantages of utilizing Wexford Capital Management as a broker for your rare coin and overall tangible asset investing are:

o  Broader Purchasing Power with Average Certified Coin Prices 10% to 20% over  Wholesale Cost
 (25% to 40% Markups Typical in Trade)
o  Two Levels of Numismatic, Bullion, and Colored Diamond Expertise with Over 35 Years of Experience at Each Level.
o  WCM operates primarily as a broker of numismatic, precious metals bullion, and fancy colored diamonds without the biases and costs associated with an expensive inventory:  hence, we are a truly unbiased source without specific items in inventory to push.
o  Direct Access to Actual Trade-Specific Activities within U.S. Rare Coin, Precious Metals, and Colored Diamond Markets.  

Tangible, Hard, or Alternative Assets
o find out more about investing in pre-1933 U.S. rare coins and all of WCM's Tangible Asset offerings , please visit the many informative section's of our website.  If you are interested in making individual rare coin purchases to fulfill your personal want list(s) utilizing our low-markup pricing & extensive expertise, please visit WCM's Free Collector Services section.  Just let us know the numismatic information and certified U.S. rare coins that you are pursuing, and we will "set loose the hounds" to obtain this material for you.  You will not be disappointed by the very high-quality numismatic material we will find for you.  It may take a few weeks or even a few months, but most dealer-acceptable coins will have to be rejected to find that one original, problem-free U.S. rare coin from WCM for your collection.  Furthermore, an unscrupulous buyer will be very, very hard pressed to find any bid-reducing "shortcomings" when you go to sell since WCM is sourcing material from nationally-recognized expert numismatists; in fact, two of the top ten numismatists in the United States as readily identified by those in the trade.

We have spent many years and many personal dollars developing these sources for obtaining a myriad of high-quality, double-graded numismatic material.  This statement also applies to our bullion and colored diamond products as well.  AND we can assure each WCM client that he or she is getting excellent value for their U.S. rare coin, bullion or colored diamond dollar.  We are here to assist you and to make your pursuit of numismatics and tangible asset investing as enjoyable and potentially profitable as possible from the start.  We have already identified and maneuvered the potholes in the road so that you, our valued client, can sail right past them.

For Gold & Silver Bullion Coins and Bars, our prices for American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, S. African Krugerrand, Vienna Philharmonic Gold bullion coins; Pamp-Suisse 1 oz. Gold bars; Academy 5 oz. & 10 oz. Gold bars, American Eagle & Canadian Maple Silver coins; ISO-9000 silver rounds; Academy 10 oz. & 100 oz. Silver Bars; 90% Junk Silver Bags; Palladium bars & PdMaple coins, and Pamp-Suisse Platinum bars are some of the lowest in the industry and on the internet.  We pride ourselves on attempting to provide "best price execution" in precious metals bullion products and use both refiners and distributors to do so.  Product is never handled twice to allow excellent final pricing with your order drop-shipped directly to you.  WCM firmly believes in service as well as price, so you will be kept apprised of your order's progress at each step.  Please visit our WCM's Bullion Coins & Bars page for more information.

For GIA-Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds, in an effort to be able to provide today's investor with a complete offering of tangible asset investments, WCM has developed contacts with leading gemologists and diamond brokers around the world for the acquisition of very favorably priced, GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamonds.  Our colored diamonds are priced at least 30% below jewelers' retail, and are analyzed by an experienced gemologist in addition to being GIA or EGL certified; they are increasingly analyzed by the leading colored diamond expert in the world prior to presentation to you.  Colored diamonds in yellow, pink, and blue hues are 10,000 to 1 Million times more rare than brilliant white diamonds, and offer superior price appreciation into the future.  Prices for colored diamonds have been increasing from 10% to 20% per annum over the last seven years.  While bullion would be a little cumbersome to transport overseas in an emergency, a million dollars worth of fancy colored diamonds could readily be sewn into the lining of an overcoat.  Very high value and minimal weight are unique characteristics to both U.S. rare coins and fancy colored diamonds.  We now also offer superb brilliant white diamonds and fine custom jewelry to clients with a Tiffany-style designer in New York City.  Please visit our WCM's Fancy Colored Diamonds page for more information and to behold the true beauty of these very rare gems.  We guarantee you will be pleased with your WCM diamonds and jewelry.

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WCM's Principal, David W. Young withdrew the Company's Registered Investment Advisor status with the S.E.C. and the Virginia Division of  Securities in May of 2005 and no longer offers  discretionary or non-discretionary managed accounts of any asset class receiving continuous supervision of assets.  WCM's principal, David W. Young, was a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in good standing from October, 1985 to May, 2005.  Furthermore, the company does not engage in any fee-based or compensatory provision of financial advice.  The brokering of tangible assets sales via U.S. Rare Coins, Precious Metals Bullion, and Fancy Colored Diamonds is the sole business of Wexford Capital Management.



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